Talk about record time! Today, Monday, the parcel with Da Bird arrived here in northern Sweden! Guess who has two exhausted cats? Yep, you're right. ME! I'm going to spread the word here in Sweden about your product, because it is exceptionally fun for the "kids" and I'm laughing so I'm all teary eyed.

Here's two pictures I took of the cats playing. Sam and Suzy, Siamese kittens.

Thank you so much for your swift handling of the order and all the fun we're going to have with Da Bird!!!!

Warm regards,
Petra Hall

I have four cats, and Da Bird is their favorite toy.  They have yawned at all the kitty toys except this one.  One cat drags it all over the house with him.  I wish I did have pictures to send you.  It really is a great cat toy...  Keep up the good work!  I'm so glad you have a web site!

Patience Murphy, Norman, Zo, Tucker, and Merry

...My Siamese cat obsesses over these 'birds'.   She drags them into bed to get me to play with her.  But my 2 male cats prefer the refill that is white rabbit fur?  Unfortunately that one has worn out and I have been unable to find a replacement.Do you still make this one and is it available?  Please let me know.

Sandy Hulsart
Fowlerville, MI

...My cats and kittens love the feather. The older cats love the movie too. Couple of pictures for you.

Kinky Kitty Cattery
Windsor, Ontario

...Congratulations on your web site. Not only am I impressed with the web site, but I can also provide a testimonial about the product. Actually, our cats can - they really can't resist it.

Joseph Warner
Lansing, Michigan

...It was good to hear from your webmaster and great to discover that you now have a web presence. We will be happy to create a link on our home page and maybe write a feature article because our cats all enjoy a good work out with Da Bird or other feather toys that we have purchased from you at the cat shows. You know how Cornish Rex cats love to jump and play like little children.

Charles R. Bund
Vanrinkl Cornish Rex Cats
Grand Rapids, Michigan